Permanent Reservoir Monitoring

Surface Orbital Vibrators

Continuous seismic monitoring – SOVs are available 24/7 for permanent reservoir monitoring, offering unmatched economy for multi-source permanent installations. Life-of-field fixed source-receiver arrays  are used to detect subtle changes in reservoir properties unobtainable through conventional seismic approaches. Distributed SOVs provide new opportunities for VSP and reflection monitoring of time-lapse processes. 

Powerful swept frequency surface orbital vibrators (SOV) for active excitation of your receiver network. These sources are ideal for continuous monitoring using permanent sensor arrays for life-of-field applications. SOVs complement fiber-optic DAS arrays, taking advantage of their wide spatial aperture and provide the ability to stack high energy sweeps to overcome sensitivity limitations.

SOV PRODUCT Information  

Surface Orbital Vibrator Rev3.pdf
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Force: 89.5 kN (9117 kgf)

Max Frequency: 80 Hz

Horizontal shear polarization control