Carbon Storage Monitoring

Installing carbon storage monitoring wells is expensive, so it is important to ensure they provide the data needed for regulatory compliance and operational decision making. Class VI Solutions specializes in designing multi-function borehole completions that incorporate fluid sampling, pressure/temperature monitoring and integrated fiber-optic sensing. We provide support services including well completion design, system procurement, installation and operation of a fully autonomous monitoring system.

U-tube sampling system and quartz pressure/temperature sensor installed on a tubing mandril at the MUSTANG CO2 storage demonstration project in Heletz, Israel (Design and installation by Class VI Solutions and Sage Rider Inc.)

Installation of a fiber-optic sensing and data communication cable along a CO2 transfer line

CO2 Sequestration Monitoring System

The rack mount cabinet in this data collection shack includes systems for acquisition of DAS, DTS, and DSS data. A Network Attached Storage server provides 100 TB of storage. In addition to the fiber interrogator units and edge processing server there is an uninterruptible power supply, network connected power distribution unit, and KVM for operating the systems while on site. A VPN connection allows remote operators to manage and control all systems in the data shack.

Class VI Generic Monitoring Well

  • U-tube fluid sampling of lowermost USDW

  • U-tube fluid sampling of above confining zone (ACZ)

  • Pressure/Temperature monitoring ACZ

  • Multi-depth P/T monitoring of reservoir formations (AOR monitoring)

  • MEQ monitoring with fiber-optic DAS


  • Geomechanical monitoring with fiber-optic DSS

  • Temperature monitoring with fiber-optic DTS

  • Sealed-borehole for sonic and pulsed-neutron logging